Founded in 2008 and built from the spirit of enthusiasm and the highest expertise , Sen Decor has become a prestige name in all three pillars of the industry: Interior Design - Manufature and Installation



High quality products, Complete service and the Value of satisfaction are the three prerequisites for Sen Decor to develop into the leading interior contractor in Vietnam in the future.

At Sen Decor, we built the business with the principle of focusing Harmony and Conformity

Appropriate Personnel

Optimal coordination of human resources is a decisive factor in Sen Decor's success, emphasizing collective resonance in each project.

Proper Operation

Smooth coordination between departments within the company and communication with partners based on understanding are the keys to achieving project success.

Hamornious Benefits

Ensuring project quality with harmony of benefits and maintaining an increasingly expanding and engaged customer base over time.





We are not only the ID contractor but also the partner whom you can trust...